Welcome to our classy collective of local brands, artist, local businesses and local events brought to you by We Deliver Dood, sponsored by The Bow Tie Program 501(c)3 & hosted by TDT (Tha Dood's Team).


We are Mobile-Preneurs, experience is our culture, please feel free to embody our mobile community!

We create experiences that you share with your loved ones on a daily basis! If you're ready, feel free to order any product from any store and your favorite food from your favorite restaurant all on-demand!


To really embrace the TDT Experience and understand what it feels like to save a life in Las Vegas (and soon every city across America) all you have to do is RSVP 1 of our 365 daily eVenture Fundraisers or by Donating $10 to The Bow Tie Program by contacting a TDT eVenture artist, Brand Ambassador, Authorized Representative at 1-855-Tha-Dood (855-842-3663) or online at www.WeDeliverDood.net/TheBowTieProgram.


Each $10 donation is good for a:

A Free Ride Home by The Bow Tie Program + 1 Free Admission to a TDT eVenture Fundraiser.

*All events are pre-sold and limited due to venue sizes. All Proceeds Go to The Bow Tie Program 501C3

Click here for more details! Please Shop Local, Live Local, Give Local... We Deliver Dood!  





We Deliver The Best 

We Deliver The Best Of Las Vegas: Tha Doods Dining Coupon & Menu Guide is a 501c3 NPO magazine that compiles The Best Of Las Vegas local businesses and offers on-demand delivery through an  exclusive menu of services & discounts!


Our coupon, menu and dining guide is coupled with a App that enables you to get the best that Las Vegas has to offer on-demand 24/7/365 days a year


All proceeds from the sell/fundraising of this 501c3 NPO Dinng Guide goes to The Bow Tie Program so it can contiue to give free rides home all year around.


Shop Local, Live Local, Give Local!

The Bow Tie Program

The Bow Tie Program is an event and service that takes place 365 days a year.


We partner with The Best Of Las Vegas to co-brand a fundraiser to combat drinking and driving 365 days a year.  


We give free rides home to intoxicated pedsestrians 24 hours a day,  7 days a week and 365 days a year by the way of sponsorships, cobranded events and parralel marketing camaigns from The Best Of Las Vegas and We Deliver Dood.


You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem!


Drinking & Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medicines is absolutly 100% preventable!


Shop Local, Live Local, Give Local

We Deliver Food 

Just Call ‘Tha Food’

1-855-THA-FOOD (855-842-3663)



“I want a 12pk a beer, a big mac from McDonalds, a smoothie from Tropical Smoothies, and can you pick up my daughter’s birthday cake from the bakery at Walmart as well!



Not a problem! Would you like to make that a pre-schedule delivery or on-demand?


We prepare, deliver and serve our own line of gourmet style pizza pies ranging from classic throw back pies to international pies stretching acroos all 6 continents. That's right we serve an international pizza menu!


We have 4 different types of pasta and 4 differnet types of sauces that are all marinated in gourmet seasonings. Wings, subs, salads, we have it all, and its made fresh everyday to order. 


All of our food products can be purchased with EBT/SNAP Benefits.


3 ways to order!

Just Text 858-500-DOOD


Just Call 1-855-THA-DOOD

Just Click www.WeDeliverFood.net


Shop Local, Live Local, Give Local

We Deliver Dood

From Dining Out On Demand to needing a Driver Out On Demand. We Deliver Dood!


You can either call Tha Dood, Text Tha Dood or just download our app to get what you want when you want it on-demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! It's jsut that simple! 


There is no service like ours, hands down, gurantee! We Deliver Dood

Don't Waste Your Time, Employ Ours! 

Just Call Tha Dood!




Dr. Rx Out On Demand  

Medical prescription delivery 24hrs a day and 7 days a week!


We deliver all doctors medical prescriptions to and from any pharmacy, clinic or hospital in Las Vegas and not limited to homes, offices, hotels, schools and or churches!


If you need a ride and cannot drive because of a doctors apponitment or you are under the influence of medication, please feel free call THA DOOD! Our rate is set at $1 per mile, donations only!


Don’t Waste Your Time Employ Ours!

We Deliver Your Meds.

Dates Out On Demand 

We Deliver a network of beautiful, professional and compassionate people who take 'social networking' to the next level!


We truly believe in paying it forward in everything that we do and a big part of that in our network is Shopping Local, Living Local and Giving Local!


We have taken social networking, local patriotism and fundraising and created a unique platform

where dating, networking and meeting new people can change your life forever in more than one way! 


Now  it could actually save your life or the life of  your love-ones!


When iRide, uRide, We All Ride Safe! 

Design Out On Demand

It's not just on-demand or last minute design work that we offer.


We have a full range of services to meet your on-demand,

pre-scheduled or last minute custom design & print needs!  We focus on assisting consumers, small and medium sized businesses with their promotional needs.


  As an entirely web-based company - yet one with a personal touch - we focus on assisting consumers with our industry leading quality, top-notch reliability, cost-effective prices, and wide selection of services. 


We are able to cater to our growing customer base, while providing quality service and products at cost-effective prices.


Don't waste your time, employ ours! We Deliver Dood!

We Deliver Dream Trips

We Deliver DreamTrips Local is part of a larger community.


With more than 400,000 active DreamTrips Members worldwide, and thousands of exclusive DreamTrips offered year-round, we are the world’s largest direct seller of curated group travel.


Whether you want access to great getaways, one-of-a-kind experiences or exclusive upgrades, we have a membership plan—and a DreamTrip—just for you.


It’s more than travel—it's a way of life. We Deliver DreamTrips 

Don't Waste Your Time, Employ ours! We Deliver Dood


Shop Local, Live Local, Give Local!




Brand U - Pay yourself 1st

We are a FAMILY of creative and innovative people who strive to reach the peak in the art of customer service, product and development and we absolutely love to Shop Local, Live Local, Give Local!


Our commitment to superior value, innovative services and products and a ‘community first’ structure, is how we believe T.D.T (THA DOOD’s TEAM) will become one of the world’s largest Live Social Networking and entertainment direct sellers!


Tha Doods Team offers a unique opportunity to make money doing what you love, by being you and by branding yourself first, (than co-branding with other companies) aiding our mission of Shopping Local, Living Local & Giving Local!


Simply put, get paid to be you first! Brand U! Get paid to do what you do everyday already! Help others see you and your brand while you help expose theirs at the 'same damn time'! 




T.D.T Brand Ambassador

Tha Doods Team is a party!

Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment is way of life. It's more than a commitment, it's our life-style! 


TDT has made a commitment to being the most-trusted name in live social networking and the direct-selling industry through our transparent business processes and open management philosophy.


TDT is dedicated to helping our DOODs (Brand Ambassadors) aka Mobile-Prenuers live richer lives; to enjoy unique travel and leisure experiences; to earn extra income doing something they love; and to help others improve their lives and/or businesses!


A big part of what we do is assist people/businesses in assembling the basic building blocks necessary to get them started in the art and entertainment or the entrepreneurial field. Social Netorking is a must for any artist , business or entrepruner and Content is the key element!


So one of the first steps we take is to establish the right content to drive a live social network media campaign to expose your brand to a live social network via our FBO (Flash Brand Opp) Platform.

T.D.T Ventures (Music & Talent)

@BASSCAFE we bring artists to the people, and people to artists. TDT Ventures showcase events everyday @Bass Café.


@Bass Café, the venue accommodates all of the different genres of art that we showcase. We’re not a white wall gallery or Mercedes Benz Fashion Week—nor are we trying to be. We’re TDT and our mission is to think outside of the box to create opportunities for artists to be seen, heard and loved.


TDT provides independent artists within the first 10 years of their creative career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity. TDT ventures to provide the platform for these artists to be seen, heard, and loved on a daily basis.


TDT showcases indie talent in visual art, film, fashion design, music, performance art, hair and makeup artistry, and photography.


TDT is the fun and alternative way for artists to showcase both to their local community and the world-at-large.


Everyday our TDT Directors in Las Vegas hand-pick and spotlight local artistic talent through local eclectic TDT events. With artists from all genres in each showcase, TDT events come together to form an amazing one-night circus of creativity everyday! 

S.O.S - Style On Site

Styles On Site brings you the latest fashion trends, experts and shopping to your footstep through your S.O.S. (Stylist On Site). A personal S.O.S will guide you through the rigorous path of aiding the style you want to see on you or a loved one.


Litterally guide your S.O.S through your favorite shopping centers, fashion shows, or local clothing outlets by the way of Live Streaming via Periscope. Don’t waste your time employ ours. Just tap, click, text or call your S.O.S today at 1.855.THA.DOOD. Our stylist are ready, excited and eager to shop for you and save time for you every day! Just call THA DOOD to set up an appointment.


Don’t waste your time, employ ours! At S.O.S we manage your time so you can get the most of your day and the most out of your night. Let Team S.O.S guide you through a day of pampering and a night of delights.


Don’t like big crowds, its ok we’ll bring the shopping experience to you. Need someone to wait in line for those new J’s or Prada Bag, don't waste your time We Deliver Dood! 

There's 'Tha Dood' for that! Download We Deliver Dood for free in your mobile iTunes App Store or Playstore! 




We hope to create an experience that you share with your friends and family! If you're ready, feel free to order any product from any store or your favorite food from your favorite restaurant! Would you like to create a custom (A'La Carte) order? Experience that moment now, click Here. If this is your first visit, here's how everything works.

Oh yeah, don't forget to ask how you can get a free delivery from your favorite local restaurant or business and save a life in your neighborhood all at the same time! Please remember to Shop Local, Live Local, and Give Local!

Don't Waste Your Time, Employ Ours! We Deliver Drivers Out On Demand!


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